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The Programme

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Programme Overview

When you start working as an apprentice, you’ll become part of the industry’s largest professional body, The Insurance Institute. We’re here to help you through every stage of the programme. Whether it's preparing for your qualification exams, supporting you as you work through your Capstone Project or providing you up with the resources you need to kick-start your career in insurance.

Programme Syllabus


When you work in insurance your customers place a lot of trust and responsibility in your hands, so it’s essential that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to give them peace of mind.

Here are the qualifications that will help you to get your career going.

Accredited Product Adviser (APA)

The Accredited Product Adviser (APA) is the minimum requirement that is expected throughout the industry.

There are a number of different product areas within insurance and you can earn the APA in any of the three main areas:

  • Personal insurance
  • Commercial insurance
  • Private medical insurance

Whether you’re working in underwriting, claims or direct client support, this qualification is a must-have.

Why not get a head start on your APA before you start working in insurance? It will give you an overview of the various aspects of the industry – and it’ll look great on your CV.

All about APA

Certified Insurance Practitioner (CIP)

While the Accredited Product Adviser (APA) is the entry level designation, you’ll find that most people who are serious about a career in insurance will continue on to earn the Certified Insurance Practitioner (CIP).

The CIP will give you all of the knowledge you’d earn with the APA, as well as:

  • An understanding of all general product areas – personal, commercial and medical
  • In-depth study in the areas of underwriting, loss adjusting and/or broking
  • Plenty of career options, as you’ll be qualified to work in any area of general insurance.


APA modules make up 50% of those you need for the CIP – so if you choose to go down the APA route first, you’ll already be halfway towards your CIP.

Check out the CIP

BA (Hons) in Insurance Practice – Apprenticeship

The BA (Hons) in Insurance Practice is the degree you’ll earn if you take part in the Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship programme. It’s delivered online through IT Sligo and The Insurance Institute and is a combination of academic study and on-the-job learning.

Some key facts about the programme:

  • It’s delivered over 3 years
  • You will study towards the degree while you work
  • You’ll earn a salary as you study


Applications for the programme open in Spring 2019, with apprentices starting in September. You can sign up to hear more about when apprenticeship applications open.

Keep in the loop Employ an apprentice

Capstone Project

A Capstone Project is to be completed in the final year of your programme and its purpose is to demonstrate your academic and professional learning. The project usually results in not only an industry-specific report but in a product, performance or in giving a presentation. The Capstone Project assesses:

  • Knowledge and understanding in a field of study
  • Ability to apply knowledge in a professional manner
  • Ability to gather and interpret data
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate findings

Stanley Kubrick took out insurance to protect himself against losses in the event that extraterrestrial intelligence was discovered before his movie, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ was released.


He tried. Lloyd’s of London refused.

Ugly Betty star America Ferrera has her teeth insured for $10m.
Fact: The policy was bought by Aquafresh, who Ferrera was working with as part of a promotion of the White Trays product.

You need to be good at maths to work in insurance.


While some insurance professionals do need to be mathematically-minded – such as actuaries – there’s a diverse range of roles to suit people of all talents. So if you can’t handle algebra, you could still handle claims!

In the height of his career, the ‘Lord of the Dance’ Michael Flatley had his legs insured for $50 million.
Fiction: He only had them insured for $47 million. Bargain.
You can take out an insurance policy to cover you in case you get abducted by aliens.
Fact: Yes, you read that correctly. According to Geico Insurance, a London based firm has sold more than 30,000 alien abduction insurance policies. So you can put the tinfoil hat away – insurance has you covered.

Apprenticeships Resources

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